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Love, love, love it!

I love this sweatshirt! They are high quality and very comfortable! I would buy them again for sure!


The colors on these are deep and the fabric is oh so soft. Totally love this one and the two different ones I purchased.

The printed logo.

The printed logo is so small on the back and so high up you can't see it under the hoodie... not like the picture at all.

LA Chargers Shoes

Great fit , design and color.A satisfied customer

Great shirts

Will definitely buy more!!

Looks Awesome

It came sealed and I have not opened it as it's for a Christmas present for my gson but just what I can see of it, he will love it

US Marine Corps Veteran Face Mask with PM2.5 Filter

Very Nice Mask

Great Mask

I absolutely love this mask. I looked far and wide to find a replacement for the worn out Steelers mask I already own. I looked for days until I came upon your site RobinPlaceFabric it wasn't easy to find, but once I did I had to order one to see if it met my expectations. Indeed it exceeded my expectations, vibrant colors, good sturdy material with the velcro strap on the closure that goes around the back of the neck instead of over the ears. and with the vents, perfection! In fact I will be ordering another mask. One thing that I feel could be changed and that is the white inside, perhaps a black inside for the neck straps instead of white. White gets so dirty from the oils on the skin and sweating. Other than that I absolutely love this mask.

Love the design, shoes are light weight

My husband loves these shoes. They are comfortable and lightweight. Not a very sturdy tennis shoe. Comfort to wear. He gets lots of compliments on them.


Good job, worried at first to order on line clothes, didn't end up so good last time.

She loved the shoes!

Birthday present for a friend, she loved them


Love it!🥰

Vin Scully Microphone T Shirt, Hoodies, Tank Top. Dodgers.

Knockoff Jordans

Shoes came and are ok quality. It said they were Jordans but they are a knockoff version of Jordans. They weren't what I was expecting. Shoes were the right size though.

Looks good

Perfect fit

Absolutely perfect fit! Definitely with the orchard

I have trouble finding crew neck t-shirts that fit, usually the arms are too loose, or the neck is, or my stomach shows. But I found the perfect crew neck shirt I've ever bought! I purchased a medium. I usually wash my clothes first, because one, they might have chemicals from manufacturing that could irritate my skin and two, they do shrink after the first wash slightly.But after washing, these fit perfectly! They are a great crew neck t-shirt. The arms for snug, the crew neck isn't loose, the tag doesn't irritate my neck and even when I lift my arms above my head, my stomachs doesn't show!!! I well definitely be purchasing more of these shirts and from this brand. Because of these for so good I bet the rest of their line will also!!!! It's you haven't bought these, buy then now! 🙂

Great shirt

Love the feel and overall shirt. Work shirt for husband, firefighter/parametric

THIS is a classic t-shirt.

In a world of slim fit t-shirts made from wafer thin fabric, these Gildans are a breath of fresh air. Fits comfortably loose and is long enough to cover the butt crack when required.

Very comfortable fit!!!

I love how these t-shirts move with me. Very comfortable and stays cool throughout the day!! I would definitely recommend them!!!


Love the color. I got these for nephew graduation. I made tee for the whole family.Can't wait to see his face.

Decent for the price

Decent quality.Material is a little thin so I do not expect these to last over the long term.

Great price and great quality!

Compared to their price! They are great!! Better than brands. I will order again, i just receive it

Very comfortable

My husband needed shirts for work. These are soft n very comfortable.

Close to perfect

What a fantastic place to shop! Fast shipping and good price and value